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Understanding the metaverse and making it more tangible

Vincent Buyssens is a creative digital strategist. Based in Antwerp, his digital consultancy agency Voidwalker helps brands navigate the communities, content and currencies that make up our internet society including the Metaverse and Web3, with a passion to make them more tangible for all. He also teaches courses on internet culture and the creator economy at Thomas More University. In this in-depth conversation, Vincent discusses the mission of Voidwalker, and why it’s crucial to help the people, organisations and communities that are not so internet-native, claim their place in it; shares what the Metaverse means to him and the main possibilities it will bring, as more people value their digital lives over their physical lives; and gives his predictions for the next 10-15 years in technology, as it allows “more ways of connection and communication between people.”

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