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Transforming the World of Auditions with Technology

Richard Cambridge is the co-founder and chief technology officer of WeAudition. Based in Hollywood, WeAudition is a video chat community that enables actors, coaches, agents, casting directors, and more to connect with each other around the globe. Richard built his career working in the TV and film industries, appearing in front of the camera in dramas such as “Hollyoaks” and “The IT Crowd,” as well as behind the camera winning multiple awards for his work. 

In this in-depth conversation, Richard delves into the journey of founding WeAudition and how it works to embrace technology by making self-tapes the standard way of auditioning; discusses his work in medical VR and pioneering ‘New Reality,’ a cutting-edge 360 short film; and shares the possibilities he sees for the metaverse to further transform the ways we can audition – including teleportation and virtual reality auditions!

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