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Creativity in the Metaverse - where everything’s falling into place

Nathan Phillips is the co-founder and director of concept design at ‘Technology, Humans And Taste,’ also known as THAT. He has led the development of a specific form of methodology, in proprietary collaboration – proprietary collaborative methodology, which invites diverse and unfamiliar collaborators to co-create innovative concepts for any medium – leveraging AI to supercharge any idea. Beginning his career as an interactive artist, he has previously created interactive experiences for Broadway legends in Vegas, and shown interactive films at Sundance and the Tribeca Film Festival. He has spent the last decade using his experience as an artist to collaborate with brands such as MGM, Google, Sotheby’s and Condè Nast. In this conversation, Nathan shares his work redefining the concert experience with artists such as Madison Beer, and why he believes we all have to become “performers in the metaverse;” discusses the journey and inspiration behind ‘THAT’ – to help us “think about the way we see the world;” and delves into how creativity and collaboration will exist in the metaverse, and what this means to him.

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