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Making sense of the future in an era of ‘hyperchange’

Madeline Ashby is a futurist, writer, speaker and teacher. She is best known for her successful series of science-fiction novels, including the bestseller ‘Company Town,’ the ‘Machine Dynasty’ series, and a number of short stories. In 2020, Madeline co-authored her first non-fiction book, ‘How To Future: Leading and Sense-Making in an Age of Hyperchange’ – and has worked in the futurism space for the World Health Organisation, the Ontario government and Intel Labs. In this conversation, Madeline recalls what attracted her to the world of futurism, including what the term means to her; discusses the impact the Covid-19 pandemic will have on business and technology; and explores the different possible landscapes of the future, explaining why it was so important to make understanding the possibilities, accessible to all. 

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