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Back to the Future - and looking beyond

Bob Gale is an Oscar-nominated screenwriter-producer and director who is best known for co-writing the science fiction comedy, Back to the Future with writing partner Robert Zemeckis – and the screenplays for it’s two sequels. The award-winning film grossed over 200 million dollars in 1985 at the U.S box office – becoming the year’s number one attraction. Bob co-produced all three films, was associate producer on the subsequent TV series, wrote the book for ‘Back To The Future: The Musical,’ and is often noted as the franchise’s  “gatekeeper.” In this conversation, Bob recalls how he came up with the premise for the first film, and whether there was any consideration for sequels at that time; discusses why he believes the story resonates across generations, and has continued to impact so many people around the world following the release of the first movie 36 years ago; and shares the predictions he’d make if it was written today!

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