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Distributions of power - and working towards a more collaborative future

Amy Zalman is a renowned global futurist, professor, and chief executive of Prescient. Founded in 2017, Prescient offers services to public, private and non-profit organisations to help accelerate change through strategic retreats and executive education. Aalso a part-time professor of Strategic Foresight at Georgetown University, Amy  has held an array of positions including; the first chair of Information Integration at the United States National War College, and chief executive and president of the World Future Society. She was named one of the top seven futurists in the world by Huffington Post and has published over 50 articles, book chapters, essays, and monographs. In this conversation, Amy delves into why it’s so crucial to educate the next generation on futurism; explores what the future holds for governance and distributions of power – and why we should be working towards collaborative influence  between governments and corporations; and discusses why we need to reframe the way that we look at information. 


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